Navigating Investment Migration: Insights for Indian Passport Holders in 2024

Cyrus Sethna
3 min readFeb 14, 2024

The global landscape for investment migration is evolving, presenting Indian passport holders with an array of opportunities and challenges. As we step into 2024, it’s crucial to assess the shifting dynamics of various residency and citizenship programs to make informed decisions. Here’s a comprehensive overview, along with some recommendations tailored specifically for Indian investors:

  1. Portugal’s Golden Visa: Portugal has long been a favorite destination for Indian investors eyeing European residency. While the program’s promise of a potential EU passport in five years remains enticing, developments over the last year (positive & negative), suggest caution. Despite its low entry barriers, fluctuations in policy shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. UAE Golden Visa: The allure of the UAE’s Golden Visa continues to grow, offering a decade of residency without citizenship prospects. In 2024, we anticipate sustained interest from high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) drawn to the country’s business-friendly environment, vibrant lifestyle, and strategic location. The UAE remains a beacon of stability and opportunity in the region, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking a foothold in the Middle East.

3. US EB-5 Program: Despite its hefty investment threshold, the US EB-5 program has regained momentum, attracting investors keen on securing a brighter future for their children through education opportunities in the US. Aspiring to the American dream remains a powerful motivator, driving demand for this pathway to permanent residency.

4. Hungary Golden Visa: While interest in Hungary’s Golden Visa may rise, its stringent residency requirements pose challenges for Indian applicants. The program’s conditions, including a prolonged timeline for naturalization, may deter investors seeking more flexible options with clearer pathways to citizenship.

5. Turkish and Malaysian Programs: Against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty for certain minority communities in India, citizenship and residency options in Turkey and Malaysia offer a semblance of stability for many. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program and Malaysia’s MM2H program provide alternative paths for those seeking security and peace of mind.

6. Greece and Cyprus Residency: Greece and Cyprus remain attractive destinations for property-based residency, appealing to Indian investors with their straightforward investment requirements. However, the pathway to citizenship remains challenging, necessitating careful consideration of long-term commitments.

In closing, let’s tune in to the prevailing atmosphere in India. With its recent narrative of resilience and stability, it’s evident that these currents are influencing the investment migration landscape. While optimism abounds, there’s a lingering nuanced undercurrent, particularly among certain minority communities.

My Top Recommendations for 2024:

  1. Irish IIP Program: Despite its recent closure, the Irish IIP program offers a promising avenue for Indian investors. Existing applications are still being processed, making it a viable option for those seeking a reliable Plan B.

2. Exercise Caution with Portugal: While Portugal’s Golden Visa still holds potential, exercise caution amidst regulatory uncertainties. Consider alternative routes such as the D7 visa for those willing to meet residency obligations.

3. Explore Malaysia’s Potential: Malaysia presents compelling opportunities through its MM2H program. Keep a close watch on the nation’s trajectory and consider it as a strategic investment destination.

4. Don’t Miss Out on the Malta Opportunity: Malta remains the only EU country offering citizenship by investment in such a short timeline.

5. Move Fast: Ticket prices are likely to increase soon. Particularly, expect a rise in Greek properties to a minimum of 800K euros in high-potential areas, believed to come into effect this year.

As we navigate the complex landscape of investment migration, staying informed and adaptable is paramount.

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